Quantum Plastics Appoints New President/CEO

Quantum Plastics Appoints New President/CEO

RON EMBREEElgin, Illinois – September 15, 2017- Quantum Plastics, LLC, a global plastics manufacturer, is pleased to announce Ron Embree as the next President and Chief Executive Officer.  Embree, who currently serves as the Quantum Plastics’ President and Chief Operating Officer, will succeed Morris Rowlett, the company’s current CEO.  Rowlett will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Ron Embree built River Bend Industries into the successful division that it is today.  In 2006, Embree founded River Bend Industries in Ft. Smith, Arkansas with the intent to save jobs and keep manufacturing in the United States.   Following that same business philosophy, Embree later expanded River Bend into a second manufacturing plant in Victor, Iowa.  In 2015, River Bend Industries became part of Quantum Plastics and Embree assumed the role of Quantum Plastics’ President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Ron is a renowned plastics industry veteran.  His vast experience building and growing Quantum Plastics and River Bend Industries is invaluable,” said Morris Rowlett. “I cannot think of a more natural progression in leadership.  Quantum Plastics is in a strong position and Ron is a strong leader who will seamlessly continue to grow the company.”

Since 2015, Quantum Plastics has added a total of 4 manufacturing facilities to its portfolio under former CEO Morris Rowlett’s leadership.  Embree, joined Quantum Plastics as Chief Operating Officer in 2015 and has been a key decision maker and leader within Quantum Plastics.  As Quantum Plastics’ CEO and President, Embree will direct all facets of the business including manufacturing, business development, collaboration between molding facilities and financial performance.

“Over the past few years, I’ve watched and participated in Quantum Plastics’ growth,” said Ron Embree.  “I’m excited to assume this new role and lead our creative and talented employees.  Quantum Plastics is committed to delivering quality, innovative and essential plastic parts that have a global reach.  I am committed to continuing Quantum Plastics’ momentum and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead of our great company.”

Rowlett has grown Quantum Plastics over the past few years from concept to a North American molding company consisting of 4 diverse molding divisions specializing in a variety of plastic molding operations and value-added services; starting with Master Molded Products in Elgin, IL in 2014 and most recently Plasticos Promex USA in Juarez, Mexico.  In his new capacity as Chairman, Rowlett will focus on mergers and acquisitions.  Rowlett has served on numerous boards and offers over 10 years of experience in strategic initiatives.

About Quantum Plastics

Quantum Plastics, LLC was established in 2014 and is composed of Master Molded Products, River Bend Industries, Hospitec USA, Apollo Plastics, Transfer Solutions, Plasticos Promex and 3D Plastics.  Quantum Plastics operates with the objective of being a world-class plastics company centered in the idea of offering a variety of processes within multiple product segments with a growing North American footprint.  The fundamental vision to be the undisputed leader in engineering and quality is the driving force behind Quantum Plastics.

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