Molding Cosmetic and Functional Appliance Parts

Quantum Plastics manufactures plastic injection molded plastic parts for the appliance industry.  Our parts combine precision and functionality with the cosmetic features that top brand name manufacturers require.  We create long lasting durable assemblies and parts that will withstand daily use for years to come.  We enjoy working alongside our customers through the many phases of part design.  The Quantum Plastics engineers collaborate with customers on new projects and to revise products as new models are launched.  As a result, many of our customers reach out to us year after year seeking our expertise on a new part design or solving a functionality issue.  We draw upon our years of experience and make use of the latest technology in our process.  We are not just a molder, but also a resource.


Our in-house 3D printer allows us to mold sample parts in the same resin as the final product.  This is an essential step in product development.  Most noteworthy, 3D printing can facilitate the elimination of costly mold corrections.  It also allows for functional testing and a faster, more accurate product launch.  We excel in injection molding parts made of acrylic and decorate handles, drawers, ice makers, and other parts and assemblies as needed.  Many of our secondary operations are done at the press which helps to save time.  Some of our secondary operations include welding, pad printing, stamping, and the assembly of rollers, drawers and other items.

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