Blow Molding

Although blow molding is a methodology that was developed back in the late 1800’s, its use is still a huge industry today. We recognize the importance and possess the capabilities to manufacture accumulator head molded parts.  The process of blow molding most notably creates hollow parts like bottles, but can be used to create coolers, like our Kosmo CoolerSafe Keeper and other items.


Because this process is so in demand, Quantum Plastics River Bend Division in Iowa, purchased two new machines- an 8 pound and a 12 pound accumulator head.  These new accumulator heads allow for rapid color and material changes, balanced flow and high production output.


Working with our team of engineers ensures that your part is manufactured with the right material and air pressure, within specification and meets functional requirements.  We have the knowledge and years of experience behind us to mold an aesthetic part to maximize your efficiency.

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